When one thinks of the manufacture of Wire Ropes, one thinks of Jakob. We offer a product that is able to meet the requirements of any project in terms of exceptional quality, high performance and great value for investment. Today we specialize in the manufacture of ropes from 2 mm to 28 mm for the architectural sector, and the hoist and lifting sector, where we serve more than 55 countries with our products.

The support package that we offer is specifically designed to address the full technical requirements, performance and design of architects, developers in various fields, contractors as well as installers. We handle special requirements in a special way, where we walk with our clients from the design stage all through to the completion of the product.1904_200x133

We have over 400 highly trained and qualified staff in all our branches in Switzerland, Germany, France, the United States and Vietnam. We are able to handle large-scale projects with speed and precision, since we have the market and industry experience, in addition to the latest technology and innovation.

Our History – Specific milestones

1904 – We have a rich history, dating back to 1904 in Trubschachen, Switzerland, where Hans Jakob the founder of this great company, began operations, a location where the company continues to have operations in. He started with just two employees at the time, but a lot has changed since then.
Since we started as a rope company, the company started by making ropes to meet the needs of the local farmers, whose main requirements were sheaf, for dairy cattle, and for roping cattle.

1953 – As the company grew, we officially ventured into the manufacture of wire rope, with our target market being the construction and forestry industry. We gained good success here, but our growth both in size as well as research did not stop there.

1988 – This year we ventured into the manufacture of rope systems for the architectural sector, a field that many had not ventured into, but our success here was to contribute greatly to what we are today. The rope system here has its place in railing applications, shelving systems and interior design.1953_200x133

1998 – With the need to contribute towards Green living and environmental conservation, we launched our GREEN SOLUTION line, which are specially made cables that reduce heat in buildings and more so, train plants. One will more often than not, find these cables on the facades of buildings.

2002 – Slightly over a decade after the introduction of the GREEN SOLUTION line, our research on our Wire Mesh line was ready for the market, where we began with the WEBNET. This Wire Mesh is quite flexible, and comes in different diameters of anywhere between 1.0 mm and 5.0 mm and comes in different apertures, ranging from 20mm to 400 mm. The Webnet is commonly used in the Railing Infills, to construct Green Walls, for making Animal Enclosures, and to construct Safety Nets.
To this day, no one has been able to match up to the Webnet that we produce, since ours is of the best possible quality and is therefore our best selling product. Webnet is what sets us apart from our competition, and with the current trend, the competition is highly unlikely to match up to our product.
In addition to the great success of this year, we were able to start operations in the Germany, France and the United States, where we continue to operate from even today.2003_200x133

2003 – This is the year we completed our hi-tech, state of the art facility and its completion brought with it the latest and most advanced equipment in the industry. We started to produce our wire rope stands using better equipment, and this did wonders for our product quality and the manufacturing process.
Furthermore, we acquired highly improved processing and storage equipment in the wire rope assembly department, something that makes us to meet and go beyond our customer needs and specifications. Furthermore, the computerized inventory management system guarantees a daily access of any of our products.

2008 – We opened another facility in Vietnam, one of our latest major projects, where we have over 300 members of staff who are well trained and fully capable of producing the quality that we have been producing for years. Furthermore, the facility is under the supervision of Swiss Staff, whose presence and role is of great value.
We have therefore transferred most of the manufacturing activities to this plant for strategic reasons, so one can expect that the larger portion of the Webnet is manufactured here, since we have taken most of our CNC Machines to this plant.Jakob 2008

Today – As mentioned earlier, we specialize in the manufacture of ropes from 2 mm to 28 mm for the architectural sector, and the hoist and lifting sector, and we thrive in the manufacture of Webnet as well as other Wire Rope related products.

Our industry experience, technical advancement, product quality and staff professionalism is unmatched, and our rich history is enough evidence of the far we will go.

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