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Whether fill is needed for protective building barriers or guardrails for a parking lot, Wire Mesh is durable and sensible solution. It offers many of the same benefits as glass or acrylic. At the same time, it provides some clear advantages over other materials, in terms of function and cost.

In an outdoor environment, glass or plastic polymer is not practical. Acrylic is strong, but smudges like glass. Glass can be cracked upon impact. This reduces its ability to serve as a barrier or to ensure safety. Glass is transparent, allowing architecture and features to show through. However, wire that is strong, yet thin, allows the same visual image to be seen. Viewers are able to look beyond the mesh pattern to see features and details.

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A recent project with the architectural firm Herzog and de Meuron called for a fill within guard rail barriers. The Webnet material, made of 1.5mm wire rope with 60mm aperture. The suspension cable used to secure the Webnet was 8.0mm in diameter. The system met or exceeded Railing codes. The net was painted using a black oxide process. When completed, it was difficult to tell a barrier existed, allowing full visibility of the design features.


The Webnet is suitable for many outdoor and indoor situations, where a barrier is needed to ensure safety of patrons or to limit access to specific areas. With the black painted mesh, the net acts like a large screen, to maintain adequate boundaries, while still allowing full view.


Wire Mesh for barrier filling is low maintenance, compared to glass or acrylic. It requires little cleaning and does not show smudge marks. Less time will be spent on maintenance, which makes this option cost effective for any architect or builder. It also blends with both modern and traditional architecture. Glass is more contemporary and therefore, will not fit in a landscape with an older building. The Webnet design will enhance the richness of a an outdoor space or building with a classic design. It will also accentuate the bold lines of a contemporary space.

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Safety is often a concern for building owners and designers alike. Steel mesh is strong. It can withstand plenty of force, to prevent a space from being destroyed by foot or motor traffic. It will also help protect green spaces, like gardens and plush lawns. Monuments and statues can be kept in pristine condition, by using the Webnet system around the perimeter.

Stone or brick barriers can be effective, as they are solid and formidable. However, they prevent a building on structure’s features from being viewed as they should be. There are many situations where an open, airy feel is desired. Stone and brick also require periodic repair, when they begin to come apart or begin to crumble. Steel wire stays in place and won’t easily rust, particularly with the black oxide finish.


Wire Mesh is less costly than other barriers. Its simplistic style will not detract from the facade of a building or the beauty of a structure. It is preferred by architects like Herzog and de Meuron for this reason. Designers and architects take pride in the buildings they create and want to proudly display their work to the public. Potential clients will also get a better view of their work, with mesh that is barely noticed. If world renowned professionals prefer the product, this speaks to why any builder or designer of buildings should consider using the product.


Reliability, strong, quality materials, and multiple functions are some of the advantages of Webnet products. The clean, simple look is another benefit. Professional installation by experienced contractors and the use of sturdy railing creates a high end look.

Webnet is useful in a variety of applications. It can be used with guard rails, as a safety barrier. It may also be used with wood posts, for a custom look. Stainless steel wire mesh is made to last and maintain its effectiveness for years, without much attention. At the same time, it adds a protective element to a property, to prevent destruction or unauthorized access.


Steel mesh as a barrier with rails or posts is an excellent choice for any building, whether newly constructed or going through a complete restoration. It is cost effective, understated, and lets the features of the structure stand out to all who visit or walk by. It has other applications, such as use at major sports fields or gated areas. If you want to see for yourself how the steel net looks, visit the sites of the architects mentioned or visit our product section, for a full descriptions of the products available.

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