The Beauty And Benefits Of A Stainless Steel Deck Railing


Stainless steel deck railings are a desirable update to traditional materials, and they provide functionality to accompany their fresh style. Cable railing can be installed when renovating an existing deck structure and when creating a new deck. Whether the project is for a makeover or a new build, cable railings offer a variety of options and benefits.


Maximizing Views

Breathtaking vistas and visual enticements beg to be seen and relished. Traditional rails on a deck can spoil an otherwise enchanting panorama. Numerous thick posts and pickets tend to block the view very effectively. When the scenery from a deck is enjoyable, the railings should not get in the way. Cable railings provide an unobstructed look at expansive views.


Benefits Over Glass

When considering options for ensuring the most clear view of beautiful scenery, glass is unders038340tandably an option some will consider. A stainless steel deck railing, however, offers some advantages over glass. One important consideration for many is preventing birds from flying into the glass. Aside from being unfortunate for the birds, collisions can result in the need for additional cleaning. Some environments will also demand more frequent cleaning of smears and dirt from glass. Wind conditions will need to be considered, ensuring glass panes and their posts can withstand expected pressure.


Horizontal and Vertical Choices

In some select locales, the familiar horizontal cable railings are not permitted. In those cases, vertical railings are an attractive alternative. Vertical railings are also a choice for those who enjoy the architectural aesthetic of rails that align vertically. They can create visual interest in the clean, minimal appearance of the rails. Attention to spacing ensures proper installation to go with the appealing visual of the vertical rails. Horizontal configurations can, of course, garner just as much appreciation.


Stylish Modernity

Whether horizontal or vertical cable railings are chosen for a project, the result is sure to be one of stylishness and modernity. The look of stainless steel deck railings is one of contemporary sophistication. Decisions for the exact products chosen will primarily be a matter of personal taste, with some specifications to be determined by regulations 038398and what is recommended for the climate in which the installation is to take place.


Wood Posts

Wood posts are common for both commercial and residential projects, and they can provide a sense of warmth in the deck design if that quality is desired. Some may choose a specific wood that matches the planned or existing deck, and that choice often is made with the visual interest of the location in mind. Some woods are a natural fit for the color of the panorama seen from the deck. Because posts are indeed necessary, wood color choices are sometimes made based on minimal disruption of the views, and the way in which the wood color blends with the view rather than detracting from it.


Metal Posts

Metal posts for the cables can sometimes create a rather industrial look for the deck railing. Some find this aesthetic appealing, and the minimal design of such a railing system can still allow for the desired unobstructed views and not draw attention to the railing itself. The types of posts chosen can affect the overall design aesthetic a great deal, changing what would be an industrial look into a more softened appearance with a traditional feel. The choices in the decking itself can also affect the look and feel of posts chosen in metal. Posts may also be selected for their special durability in extreme conditions, making the choice sometimes one as much a matter of practicality as one of design choice.



Installation and configuration considerations must include requirements for factors such as cable tension, spacing between the cables, spacing between the posts, the diameter of the cables and the construction of the top rail. The requirements for these factors will vary from state to state. Requirements regarding the allowance038478 of horizontal cable railings will also vary. Some locations will necessitate specific materials due to very specific weather conditions and the resulting demands on the materials. Regulations and geographic location still leave a great deal of room for personal choices and preferences.



One of the great benefits of stainless steel deck railings is the minimal need for maintenance. Depending on the configuration choices in the design chosen, occasional tightening might be necessary to ensure cables are as taut as intended. High quality cabling, however, minimizes this need. Overall, stainless steel cable railing systems provide aesthetic appeal with very little need for additional labor in keeping them safe and beautiful.


Typical Installation

When preparing to construct the systems for cable deck railing, it is natural to wonder about the installation process. Even a brief overview of the process can be beneficial. Understanding what to expect can help in anticipating and preventing issues with the installation once the purchase decisions have been made.


The right choices in end posts, for instance, help to ensure stability given the amount of tension exerted on the posts. Sub rails may also be installed in service to sturdiness of the post configuration. Cable providers will also often sell the tools and related items that are most optimal for cable products.


The number of cables necessary will be an important determination in the installation process, of course. The height of the railing will be a crucial determinant in this calculation. Construction, once the materials needed and their amounts are calculated, will begin with the installation of the frame. The posts would be anchored to the frame, the sub rails attached, and connections prepared. Installers will then be ready to run the cables. Wrap up occurs with the tightening of the cables.


The Finished Product

While galvanized cable may be cheaper, stainless steel is the most common choice, and that is for a good reason. To avoid rust and ensure durability, stainless steel is still the best choice. The finished product will be tasteful, professional and of the highest quality. A newly installed stainless steel deck railing results in a product that is attractive and yet affords people the magnificent view beyond.


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