Cable railing is an excellent and affordable choice for alternative forms of fencing and railing. Not only does it provide stable and reliable support; but it is also extremely durable and requires very little maintenance or upkeep. Jakob Rope Systems specializes in stainless steel cable, wire mesh, and green walls.

Jakob provides several options for cable railing. The railing can be installed in either horizontal or vertical facing cables. Because the posts required for this type of railing system must be extremely sturdy, it is recommend the use of  metal and wood posts. This material is the sturdiest available and is able to withstand the amount of pressure that will be placed on them resulting from the cables being tensioned.

Jakob also provides wire mesh that can be applied to animal enclosures, railings, fences, green walls, and even safety nets that are used for bridge safety. This wire mesh not only helps to close in specific areas; but it also completes the look of cable railings and fencing. The mesh adds another layer of support to cable railings and green walls, which ensures that the individuals using these systems will be safe from harm.

When seeking an alternative to traditional fencing and railing systems, Jakob Rope Systems is the best place to turn because of the numerous options they have available.


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